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Applicant Tracking System is Now Available

Lots of you in the job industry know that one way to keep your clients happy is to provide a seamless, but efficient way of managing and tracking suited candidates. Many of you asked us to provide such environment.

You ask, we deliver! This is how we like to do things here at eDigitajobs.

So, now we are very happy to present you with our new cool feature

Applicant Tracking System!

For those of you who might not be familiar with what an ATS is:

Applicant Tracking System is a space that is used for collecting, storing and handling applicants’ data. An ATS allows you to monitor and control the whole recruitment process in a user-friendly way.

Now let’s dive into our ATS and present you some of the cool features:

If you have an Employer account, you can log in, click on the number of applications for any of your job ads and see the actual management interface. It will allow you to:

  • Categorize and track received applications based on hiring status.
  • View in appealing “kanban” style, where you can playfully drag any application and drop it to the relevant category.


  • Look through all the information about a candidate on a separate, pleasant application page. Just click on any applicant, and you will get a new page with all available info about this candidate:


  • Contact applicants directly from the application details page. This will save so much time, and avoid the possible frustration of going somewhere else.
  • Insert notes for each application. It will be so handy, especially once applications start piling up.

You can stop wasting your resources on third-party vendors, as you’ve got your very own ATS now! You will reduce your time-to-hire and bring overall structure and order to your hiring process.

You can use this feature right away, without doing anything extra.

Try it out, and let us know your comments below.